Keiko Silvert

My name is Keiko(Cake-oh!) and I am the mother of two boys. I am Japanese and at home, we speak both languages and celebrate festivals from both cultures. 

As a child, I grew up with a healthy daily rhythm and a lot of nature. My mother sewed all our clothes (even kimonos for my dolls), dyed Kimono fabric, cooked healthy meals, knit our sweaters and hand-washed all our clothes.


My father was a carpenter. He always said “Rise with the Sun, rest with the Moon. That is the key for good work and a healthy life.” On rainy days, the carpentry shop was my favorite place to be where I could watch my father working. When the weather was nice, the rice and vegetable fields in front of my house were my playgrounds. Ask me how vegetables grow!

I was awarded a B.A. in education and psychology from Kyoto Womens’ University. I am  licensed to be an elementary school teacher (from K to 6th grade) in Japan. As an exchange teacher in Wisconsin, I taught math in high school and in Florida visited over 10 elementary schools to introduce Japanese culture: including ... folk tales, Origami, songs, calligraphy, history, language, cooking, and the abacus. Later, I graduated from the Early Childhood Education program at Rudolf Steiner College in 2003. 

From age 12 , it became of my dreams to eventually living in the States. After learning about Waldorf Education in college, I wanted to send my children to a Waldorf School and to become a Waldorf schoolteacher some day. I published my first book in 2005. My second book, the Japanese translation of “Light beyond the darkness”(original author Dore Deverell) was published in 2008 in Japan.

I have been running Treasure Garden Nursery School since 2002. I also give lectures and workshops on parenting to parents and educators in Japan and U.S.

I will provide a healthy, safe, mindfull, happy and enriching environment for your child.


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